Broward County

Choosing a Security Company in Broward County

There are many options for selecting a security guard company in Broward County, Florida and its many cities and towns. In fact, trying to choose among these numerous alternatives can be challenging to say the least. Yet, there are many ways you can easily narrow down your choices such that making your final decision becomes easy. We think when you consider all the factors, Platinum Group Security (“Platinum”) will stand heads above the rest.

This is undoubtedly a very important decision for your company and peace of mind. In fact, it wouldn’t at all be an exaggeration to say that it is one of the essential choices you will be making for your organization. For this reason, you surely don’t want to commit blunder. After all, you will actually be giving the keys and all the alarm codes of your operation to total strangers. There are numerous benefits offered by security guard companies, but you want to do a great deal of homework before choosing. At Platinum, we make it easy to see and understand why we are the right selection.

The first thing to consider should be whether you need an armed or unarmed guard service. It may only be some basic needs, such as getting someone to keep an eye on your closed circuit television system and contact the cops if something suspecting takes place. Unarmed security guards can also help fulfill your insurance requirements which mean you can get lower premiums. Platinum offers both options.

Armed security guards, on the other hand, are an obvious protection against crime. They can patrol your parking lots or even escort personnel that are working late to their cars. They can also offer protection in reception and shipping areas. Hiring armed security guards costs more, but you are sure of an extra layer of protection as well as peace of mind which you will find well worth the price. Our armed personnel are highly trained, know the importance of a show of force versus the use of force, and will handle any situations appropriately.

The next thing you need to check out the logistics for the security guard company that can best meet your requirements. There are security guard companies who have offices across Florida as well as online presence. Their advantage is that they can offer you a more affordable cost and you can simply assume that they would not be going out of business soon. This is why Platinum Group Security is a logical choice with a local presence in Deerfield Beach.

Choosing a good security service is not a simple task despite the fact that there are numerous companies in this field of operation. Online research can reveal all the important details relating to a security guard service. These websites display substantial information on the kind of services provided by the security personnel (Platinum’s website provides a broad list of our services that make it easy to see if we offer what you seek.). We encourage you to carry out an intensive background check before opting for the services of a security guard company. Platinum will stand up well under any scrutiny or inspection; and, can offer references for satisfied clients.

Obtaining the price quote of the services provided by the security guards companies has been made very easy through access to thr website. Contacting the company through the website makes getting a firm price quick and easy. Platinum, as one of the most reputable companies, offers remarkable training sessions to their security guards to ensure they have the depth and qualifications needed for the job, along with the latest technological devices for exceptional on-site performance. Hi-tech security cameras, radios, as well as some other modern devices, are utilized by our personnel to guarantee the safety of our clients’ personnel and properties.