Emergency Response


2020 was truly a difficult time for everyone. The rules changed and security became a priority. Our team received training through the CDC and worked with FEMA to help navigate the rule changes and protect our fellow citizens. It remains our top priority to provide support in any way possible including; training, PPE material, sanitizer, and the necessary equipment to maintain safety.


  • Monitoring and enforcing COVID-19 guidelines and procedures for contract employees.
  • Providing security for major events involving vaccinations, testing, and free PPE distribution centers.
  • When available, we offer rapid COVID tests for free to individuals with specific needs.



Over the years, Platinum Group Security has provided relief for communities struck by natural disasters. We send teams to help mitigate hard hit areas and work with FEMA to address immediate concerns. As a result, we work hard to improve our training through FEMA, prepare our personnel for a timely response, and work with local leaders to meet the needs of the community. We offer protection for local businesses, volunteers, officials, and contractors.